Ajeltake at Sunset

Ajeltake at Sunset
On the Laura side of the Island



Saturday, September 8, 2012

Iakwe eok our goodbye

A beautiful end to a wonderful mission-  It's hard to believe that our Marshall Islands mission is over.  We enjoyed a great meal with President and Sister Shaw and the other senior missionaries in the Mission home.

 Afer our last Sacrament Meeting in the Laura Ward, we were given a beautiful, touching Iakwe eok.  We sat in front to the congregation and briefly spoke-thanking them and giving them our love.  After that, the audience sang farewell and love songs to us as they filed up one by one and draped hand make handicraft gifts on us and hugged us to say goodbye.  It was a real tear jerker for us.  We love the great Marshallese People.

 Bishop Thomas gave us a formal thank you.

 We will always love the Laura ward in the Marshall Islands.

Saying goodbye at the airport.  I can't believe that it is over.  Thank goodness for the precious gift of living with and getting to love our Marshallese friends.  We thought we were going to serve but we were the ones who came away with the gift.  Iakwe karere jera ro; Komij iakwe kom!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Trip to Ebeye

Our trip to Ebeye was a big success.  The MLS project there is up and running thanks to these three.  There are three branches in Ebeye and they now all have a computer and are up on MLS. This is a great step forward for them and it will make a huge difference as they learn to use it.

This is the Young Women group in one of the Branches; they asked me to take their picture.

Ebeye DockThe ferry is a fun ride from Kwajalein to Ebeye; it's about twenty minutes long and only goes a couple of miles.
 Our Ebeye Missionaries
 I witnessed one of the most spectacular sunsets while standing on that dock at Ebeye.  The brilliant colors shimmered off of the waves in golds, reds, silver, tourquise and deep blues.  I was dazzled by the beauty. I was also noticing how the men fishing on the dock  acted as if they didn't  notice the unbelievale art and beauty of the scene. I didn't have my camera that night, but a camera couldn't have captured that amazing light show off of the water.   I took these pictures the next night trying to recapture the scene, but it wasn't the same,even though it was beautiful.  I guess it was a once in a lifetime gift to me,  and I will never forget it. 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Marshallese Stake Leadership Training

Sunday was a Stake leadership training and I was asked to teach the "Teacher Training class for the adults.  I didn't know how many people to expect, but I was a little bit surprised when my room was packed to overflowing.  I had the Gospel Doctrine teachers, the Relief Society Teachers, the Priesthood teachers and some of the presidency members. 
I was elated at how well the class went and at how receptive they were.  It was obvious that they were hungry for information and so willing to learn.  I had a couple of object lessons and tried to teach methods of teaching other than just reading the manuals.  I am always so impressed at how grateful these wonderful people are for being members of Christ's true church. One lady stood at the end of my lesson and asked if she could bear her testimony.   I am thankful that I was given the opportunity to teach that group, and I count that experience as one of the highlights of my mission.  By far the most rewarding thing here has been the interaction with the Marshallese people.  I will always have a special respect and love for them. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stake Girl's camp in Ajeltake

All of the senior sisters decided to go visit girl's camp in Ajeltake this afternoon.  We were delighted to visit with them and see all of the bustling activity going on. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

July Zone Conference 2012

Ajeltake is a beautiful spot half way to Laura from the office.  We enjoyed the Conference, the food and the scenery.
The conference was held two days; Tuesday the 17th was in Delap and Thrusday the 19th was in Ajeltake.  The seniors catered the lunch both days.  This will be our last Zone Conference in majuro.